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boxers in a tree

From my ongoing series ‘Strange things I come across at the Metroparks.’

Not sure why these were way up in the trees…or why I took a photo of them, for that matter.

pink, green and purple leaves

Yeah, I made these a little more vibrant – but not by much. These have been catching my eye every evening while out on the puppy walk.



Warning: I am feeling kind of depressed, so tonight’s post will probably be a major downer. If you need to – get out now!

A friend of mine just died. Actually, she was probably a better friend to me than I ever was to her. She was thirty-five and I hadn’t seen her in ten years. We drifted apart because she was going through some serious things that I didn’t know how to help her with and it was so, so hard to see someone so smart and fun and loving go through that.

I never stopped thinking about the fun times we had – we went to concerts together and she would come over to our house for Chinese food night periodically. It was she who introduced my husband and I to sushi – and we found we loved it! She reminded me of many things that I loved growing up but had pushed aside to get married and start a family.

Recently, I had been trying to find her online…i figured maybe if she had a facebook account or something that maybe we’d reconnect and I could say sorry for not being there before. I couldn’t ever find it…and then last week we heard she was on life support at a local hospital. She died Easter Sunday and my daughter and I went to the funeral home tonight to make a final visit. I tend to be inclined lately to think that there may not be a god or heaven, but if there is, then I hope that she saw that we came and that somehow she knows that we never forgot her.

No new photo tonight, but I thought that this one from the weekend might be a good and fitting one for today.

dusk in the backyard

Almost didn’t get out with the camera today – so hurried and got a few quick ones in before the sun went down.

broken trees

No new photo tonight (still not over the cold) but the post-a-day 2011 streak must…live…on. So, as a placeholder for the evening, enjoy this picture of a log.

snow turns to rain

…and it is too messy to go out.

A sloppy capture of a sloppy day – by someone with a sloppy cold.


Come ON – it was fifty degrees and sunny out last week! Now we’re having an ice storm and our power is out.

I won’t get a chance to take a better photo or post it once I leave work, so this will have to do for today. Well, I’m off to freeze my tookie in our power-less house…


This was the cool sky that was outside our front door this evening. Hope it means that spring is coming!

Went to the bookstore today and picked up Expressive Photography: The Shutter Sisters’ Guide to Shooting From the Heart.  I really like it!  They share the philosophy that the best photos are as much (or more) about the feelings captured as they are about technical perfection or flawless execution.  I’m off to read!


Assignment – take a high contrast photo. Achieve the effect in-camera, little to no post-processing. Done.

Saw this recently:

“When in doubt, make a fool of yourself. There is a microscopically thin line between being brilliantly creative and acting like the most gigantic idiot on earth. So what the hell, leap.”

~Cynthia Heimel, “Lower Manhattan Survival Tactics” via Flickr user heavenly~flower

Have tried to have photos and blog reflect my personality, but something got me wondering today if that’s right or wrong – there is an awful lot of “stuff” here.  Hmmm.


swan creek surprise

This photo is a bit of a busy, loud, fuzzy mess ..and in my usual style, I cranked the colors off the charts – but there’s a good story to go with it.

Some of you may recall that I always seem to find unusual things when I go to the metroparks to walk the dogs – the mystery baby crib, the happy log and…I don’t even know what to call this.  Today was no exception!  Went to Swan Creek Metropark to get a long walk and about 1.5 miles into it, my daughter found this tree in the meadow that someone had decorated for the holidays.  As we walked, we found a few more randomly decorated trees scattered throughout the meadow.  I always wonder who does stuff like this.  Guerrilla holiday decorators of northwest Ohio FOR THE WIN!

*This photo looks even better viewed large on Flickr in all its technicolor glory!

The blogging platform I use ( is offering a post a day/post a week challenge for 2011.  I may take part in the hopes that some accountability might cause me to be more liable to post on a daily basis all year long.  For the past two years I’ve been rather spotty about posting, so what can it hurt.  I’m off to sign up!

My weeds and my jewelry

Today’s suggestion from @dailyshoot was to incorporate a pattern into a photo. After taking countless pictures of my jewelry lying in scallop-leafed weeds, I took the above photo with the earrings in a nearby tree and it came out best of all.  There’s no pattern here, but  I do think the light and sparkle are crazy awesome!

Maple seeds

Since I can’t much get around the fact that the skies are hazy and look burnt out in all my photos these days, I’m just gonna go with it, as in yeah, yeah –  that’s how I meant it to look!  There are some sunlight streamers coming in from the upper left of the photo that turned out nice.


Late day sunglow radiating through the colored windows and over the roof of a neighborhood church. For once, the burnt out sky doesn’t look like a mistake…

River Ice, originally uploaded by Christine Bailey.

You keep breaking up, ice…

Harbinger of spring or just some freaky warm days in January?