The Commission

Look at this thing of beauty!  I have an acquaintance who makes the coolest rings.  I asked her to make one using the array of colors that I love and she made me this!  I also got one with pearls and clear crystals and I am beyond thrilled with both!

In other news, I’m looking for a different photo project that the one I had been working on.  I went back to the original article at Beyond Megapixels that sold me on the usefulness of the photo project as a skill-building exercise and got some new ideas.  I’d like to try something different for 2011.

(Warning – major tangent ahead!) I felt like I was on to something with the last photo I did.  Even though it was rushed and not as technically correct as it could have been, it was very meaningful to me.  I had almost forgotten that I owned that book!  It was tucked away on a bookshelf that my daughter sent crashing down just a few days before.  I rediscovered it on the pile of fallen books and remembered how excited I was to receive it as a gift a few years ago.  I then realized that I couldn’t forget 24 years of U2-driven inspiration just because I think that parts of their current album are sucky!  Their music got me through my teenage years and beyond – and made me think that anything was possible!  Why am I giving that up just because they were getting a little formulaic (sorry, guys, but ‘Get on your boots’ sounds like it is trying to be ‘Vertigo – part 2!) and because I was feeling old?

I listened to all my old U2 stuff on my ipod today and I still get the same freaky chill at the opening bars of ‘Where the Streets Have No Name‘ that I did back in 1987…so maybe some things shouldn’t be cast aside so easily.

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